Request a free platform demo and discover the possibilities

Request a free platform demo and discover the possibilities


The SpectroVise platform digitally transforms tank cleaning in the shipping industry. Harnessing the power of data generated from a UV/Vis spectrophotometer and digital technology, the platform enables ship owners to clean their cargo tanks more efficiently, effectively and with far less influence on the surrounding environment.

By digitizing historical tank cleaning experience, using an intuitive, easy-to-use interface, simultaneously and seamlessly connecting to vast amounts of data, SpectroVise is a game-changer for the chemical and product tanker industry.

✓ Unique, user specific platform for use in operations, chartering and training
✓ Optimisation of any / all tank cleaning procedures
✓ Owners / operators / managers / pool operators can quickly and accurately monitor tank cleaning performance over an entire fleet

Data driven

SpectroVise is an innovative data-driven approach that creates a mechanism for continuous improvement and optimisation of all tank cleaning operations. Users are able to accurately monitor and record specific tank cleaning steps based on precise data measurement rather than historical or published cleaning procedures, creating their own constantly evolving and unique tank cleaning guide, reflecting actual conditions and the recognised differences between fleet vessels.


SpectroVise allows user to monitor to tank cleaning operations without the need for manual entry into the cargo tanks, all but eliminating confined space entry for the purposes of tank cleaning. This is a significant benefit on its own, but it should also be considered that for every man entry into a confined space, at least three other crew members need to be actively involved, which has a real impact on maintaining acceptable working / resting hour quotas.

Sustainable & green

Monitoring a tank cleaning process without using data is like tank cleaning with closed eyes because there is no way of knowing if the cleaning has been effective until the full procedure has been completed. It is also unreliable, time consuming and requires multiple cargo tank entries to visually check if a cleaning step has been successful or not. For this reason, the tendency is always to “over” clean rather than “under” clean. SpectroVise allows users to clearly identify when any given cleaning step has stopped being effective, which significantly reduces the likelihood of over-cleaning. Reducing over-cleaning reduces GHG emissions, recognising that each hour of hot water washing liberates just over 1.9 MT of CO2 and also reduces the volume of cleaning chemicals that need to be disposed of to sea.

Cost effective

It is a cliché to say that time is money, but it is true. Every hour that can be saved during tank cleaning equates to money saved for the owners / operators of any vessel. The chemical tanker market is driven by commercial pressure which almost forces vessels to over-clean in the name of cargo quality. SpectroVise has the potential to address this situation by providing cargo interests data that gives them real assurance that any given vessel has successfully completed a tank cleaning operation, without having to spend more time and money carrying out independent inspections that at best offer only a snap shot of whether a vessel is suitable for loading or not.

About SpectroVise

SpectroVise has brought together expertise from different areas of the chemical tanker industry, including operations, cargo superintendency and chemical consultancy, and in a conservative industry, aims to be a disruptor.

SpectroVise are committed to working closely with their customers, interpreting data, providing training, operational guidance and unlocking the potential of digital technology to create a pioneering new industry standard, that will make tank cleaning safer, more efficient and with significantly less impact on the environment.

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SpectroVise Services

SpectroVise offers Remote Tank Cleaning Service, Supercargo Services, Cargo & Bunker sample analysis and guidance (during quality issues/claims).

Advisory service for tank preparations needed during certain grade changeovers or when loading a new type of cargo. We can assist during loading operations (f.e. phenol loading), port captain duties, and ship inspections. Furthermore, we offer training for the crew onboard. Apart from this, we offer seminars, where the crew is trained on data interpretation. This is done in a classroom situation to encourage hands-on participation and to stimulate decision-making during less common scenarios.

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Spectrometer Calibration

SpectroVise offers service and calibration for the L&I Wave II and L&I Wave 3 spectrophotometer.

For service, repairs, and/or calibration we offer these services for regions Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Antwerp within 2 working days of return to the vessel. After calibration by our trained and certified staff, a calibration certificate will be issued for the spectrometer. Any other ports are optional by courier upon request. SpectroVise works closely with the manufacturer Biochrom to ensure that the instrument is working correctly and is properly maintained and handled by certified and trained personnel.

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